Corneliu Turcan, better known by his stage name “Kornell”, is an ambitious Dj & Producer which loves to experiment with different genres of music.

Born in Republic Of Moldova
Raised in Portugal
Based in Luxembourg


As Deepinity, Martijn Kuilema chooses the deeper sound of electronic music. Music where beautiful chords, strings, pianos and analog sounds are central. Music that gives you a warm, positive and timeless feeling.

The Dutch producer is also known for his Tech House productions as Martijn Kuilema, his Ableton tutorials on Youtube and his popular Ableton racks and templates. Martijn is also hired as a ghost producer for well-known Dutch artists.

With Deepinity Martijn has taken a new path with quality sensitive music.

Lucky Choice

Lucky Choice - Music Producer & DJ from Ukraine. Official Artist by Digital Empire Records Label. 5 Years of Experience.

“Music is what you feel, it’s your uniqueness, not a copy of someone else’s. This is your world, don’t forget if you are a creator!”

Iván Garci

Iván Garci is a Spanish deep house DJ and producer, very active in the Ibiza and Costa Brava scene. He collaborates with many international producers and DJs. His tracks have been released in many international labels and his music can be listened in clubs, lounge bars and beach clubs around the world and in some Ibiza's clubs compilations such us Nassau Beach Club, Tanit Beach Ibiza, Cotton Beach Club, Ibiza Global Radio. He collaborates with Rotor from Reactable. He is also the owner of Vlosfer Records.


Domscott, born and raised in the UK is a music producer and DJ now based in Valencia, Spain. His acute style of mixing combining all forms of house music is special, elegant and surprising. His name is spreading globally and his consistency to deliver time after time is recognized by key labels in house music. Domscott is not only a DJ, his music productions are signed to major labels such as King Street Sounds, Loudeast records, Celestial, Good For You Records to mention only a few and with various TOP 10 Chart hits under his belt Domscott consistently gives us new sounds and musical stories to enjoy obtaining an individual and admired musical identity that is gaining him an ever incrementing global following.

Alvaro Hylander

It is because of his love and passion for deep house music that Alvaro Hylander keeps on moving forward, every year that passes adding more experience and reach inside of the genre. Although currently based in Denmark, Alvaro's early manifestations of his passion can be traced back to his years in Southern Spain where he started DJing at a very young age, with the sunshine and warmth of the culture providing a great background for experiencing music and what moves a crowd. As time passed and he started producing in 2005, Hylander was able to forge a stronger connection between his sound and his self as he found that perfect balance of deep, sexy, groovy, and organic that gives him his unmistakable sound.


Zweiklang translates as ‘two tone’ and perfectly sums up the DJ and production team of Christian & Jürgen, twin brothers from Germany, who are making an impact in house music circles as DJs and producers, as well as running their own record label. Their style takes in an eclectic mix of soulful, jazzy and deep sounds with heavy Latin and African influences, alongside a healthy dose of tech house.


Bluberri enters into the EDM scene with the sole mission of driving fans to truly connect with his music, and to create a vivacious unforgettable listening experience. He has a unique blend of bass-driven house music, beautifully crafted with sweet melodic vocals which are delivered in a stimulating and eclectic style. Initially beginning with his popular mashups on Instagram, Bluberri has begun to expand his domain now in the early phases of establishing himself on Youtube, Spotify and launching fully-fledged original music. His attention-grabbing video edits, mysterious identity and absorbing deep house is a sure formula for success.

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